In the 90’s two mandatory school years were added to the education system in Spain. So let’s have a look at the current Spanish education system.

Spanish School

Spanish children can stay in kindergartens ‘la educación preescolar’ until they turn three. A voluntary and free preschool ‘educación infantíl’ starts very early, already from age three. After three years of preschool, mandatory primary school ‘la educación primaria’ starts at age six.

The primary school continues for a total of six years, until when students move to a mandatory secondary school level ‘a educación secundaria’ which takes five years. Therefore students are relieved from mandatory school at age sixteen. After which one can choose a two year high school ‘el bachillerato’ or vocational training ‘los ciclos formativos’.

  • Kindergarten: age 0-2
  • Preschool: age 3-5 (three years)
  • Primary School: age 6-11 (six years) – mandatory
  • Secondary School: age 12-16 (five years) – mandatory

Note! All school levels from preschool to secondary, is free in the country.


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