International Delivery – Guide to Online Purchase From Spain

Weather looking for Castañuelas, Damascene Ware or anything that you need from Spain — this guide will help you order the stuff to anywhere in the world with international delivery.


Spain is a shopping paradise — for friends of clothes, outfits, decor and gastronomy to name a few. Products come in a wide variety of colors, plenty of creativity and some craziness too. And while shopping on location is a fun fun activity during the cool evenings with shops late at night, ordering online is an equally viable option from the comforts of your home.

If you want to order something from Spain that you cannot get from anywhere else, the most known name for international delivery is Amazon Spain (order information in English), which is also the biggest e-commerce stores on the world wide web. Offering everything form a to z, and thanks to it’s seller portal services, many Spanish companies are selling through them. Bringing unbeatable value to online buying power from Spain with affordable and efficient delivery.

For international orders — they are using ‘UPS i-parcel’ which is an affordable logistics service from the trusted United Parcel Service. Conveniently also any taxes and import fees are calculate when placing an order, which saves any trouble with customs for smooth delivery. Note that import fees are charged in the form deposit — meaning that if the estimated cost is overestimated, the extra charge will be refunded to your account balance.

Please, note that depending on the product delivery options may differ. Namely those products that are shipped through Amazon can be sent to places like other European countries, North and South America and Asia. Delivery to US, Canada and EU countries is the best.

For nine consecutive years, Amazon was ranked number one in customer service according to a study by ForeSee. And the level of service is well maintained through all the country specific operations, including Spain.

For alternatives, one of the oldest nationwide department stores, El Corte Inglés also has a wide variety of Spanish and other goods with global delivery services. Definitely worth a look if looking for fashion and household items. Also they have a native English version of the website, so no translation is required like with Amazon.

Any questions about online purchase from Spain, please bring forth.


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  1. Mark

    Appreciate the tips. Had no idea El Corte Inglés has such a strong online presence. Spanish e-commerce has evolved indeed!

    • Aitor Maki

      Yes indeed Mark – for a long time they used to lag behind on adapting online shopping culture but I’d say they are now on par with other central european countries. And shipping fees are relatively low which is adding to the attraction.

      thanks for feedback 🙂

  2. Dinni

    Thanks for the tips, although I had better luck with the castanets at my local department store. Cheers mate.

  3. Aitor Maki

    You’re welcome. Too bad couldn’t help with the castanets..!

  4. Anon

    Thanks in these times this is really helpful and have been fairly satisfied with the service so far..

  5. Mick

    Although Amazon is one of the biggest “Go to” Online providers. Their prices are often considerably higher than the competition. This is what happens when you corner the market. I speak as a former customer and savvy consumer who lives and works in Spain for the past 20+ years.
    Using, Bing or Google one can find many alternatives to Amazon or El Corte Inglés and at a savings to boot.

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